The Gifted Series

Gifted Boxed Set-Trilogy & Tracy-for kindle1.4, The - Aaron K. Redshaw

I wrote The Gifted, book one of The Gifted Series, for my kids. At the time my boys were eight and ten years old and I wanted to tell a story they might like to read. It wasn’t that there were no good books published for their age levels, but books for boys with adventure, science, and faith were relatively rare. It was that element of faith in Jesus in an action-packed book that I most wanted to convey, without all the preachiness that sometimes comes of it.

The Gifted was not the first book I ever wrote. I had written four other books for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) before that, but The Gifted was the first one I revised and published. The desire to get it revised and eventually into my kids hands was a great motivating factor. Incidentally, the second book I ever wrote for NaNoWriMo was The Last Place to Stand.

The Gifted is about four children, all around the age of 10, who learn that they have remarkable gifts. Andy influences those around him so that people would do almost anything for him. They trip over themselves to help him when he is in need and they think he is the smartest and best leader. But he has no control over it, and soon he begins to wonder who his real friends are because aren’t they helpless to not like him? Andy tells the first story, The Gifted.

Tracy can heat things up only using her mind, including setting fire to things. This has given her the fear that she must always keep a lid on her emotions or else others close to her might pay for her lack of self-control. She is the voice and focus of the prequel (Tracy’s Escape) and third novel in the series (Danger Under Ocean’s Tides).

Han is a quiet child who grew up in a Korean home who can make anything out of paper (origami is his specialty) and bring them to life! He does not want to lead, but in the second book he will have to learn this valuable skill or others will suffer. He gives us our second novel, Assault from Space.

Tracy’s Escape and The Gifted are free in ebook format. Why, do you ask? First of all, I wrote The Gifted for my children and I wanted it to bless as many people as possible. I never intended it to be a money-making venture.  It was written because I saw a void in the publishing world for good smash’em up books for boys with an element of faith. I pray it is refreshingly fun for anyone who reads it.

Since Tracy’s Escape is not a full novel, I did not want to charge full price, and $0.99 seems like just one more hurdle to keep someone from buying it, so I threw that in for free as well. Of course the cheapest way to get all the books in this series is to get the series in one volume at a 37% discount. It includes all four books, 885 pages from the printed versions on Amazon, and over 186,000 words.

The only other freebie in my collection is the novelette Stand Against Infinity, offered with the hope that it will draw readers to the next book in the series, The Last Place to Stand.

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