Space to Stand Series


The Last Place to Stand is an adult science fiction novel I wrote originally as a NaNoWriMo challenge. Several years later I could not get the story out of my head decided that sooner or later I must revise and publish it. I have ever been drawn to science fiction, from Star Wars to Blade Runner, and when I thought about the kinds of worlds I wanted to create in my writing this was where my thoughts took me. I have preferences, however. While I often may enjoy a dystopian novel (I thought Wool was wonderful), I dislike the hopeless dystopia. Yes, I read The Road, and enjoyed much of it, but I would not want to make a steady diet of such despair. In all of my books I want there to be a message of hope. Hope, because that is what God extends to his creation.

The Space to Stand series is about a time in the future where the core of society is built around a basic premise, that the highest achievement of man is technology. Therefore the best way to improve society is to improve technology. In this future people wear chips embedded just behind the right ear which feed information directly into their brain. This can take the form of a database, useful for accessing work related data, or with the newest chip, live feeds over the air.

The benefits seem endless, but there is a dark side to all this technology. A cost that must be paid. And people are paying it with their lives.

The Last Place to Stand is a fast paced story of future mechanization and AI, mixed with a coming to terms of humanities deepest needs. In it we meet X213, a woman who is beginning to feel the crowding of the machine world around her and who must make a decision that would change her life, and Samuel, who has already made that decision and lives with the intention of someone who has been set free.

I also wrote Stand Against Infinity, free on Amazon by the way, which is a prequel to The Last Place to Stand. It is the story of Samuel and how he got his start. What changed him to be man he is in The Last Place to Stand? How did he meet up with the men who would later follow him? What tragedy drives him? These questions are all answered in Stand Against Infinity.

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