Danger Under Ocean’s Tides

Print_Maelstrom6.96_Kindle-smallestIf I had known what it would cost me, I’m still not sure I would have gone searching for the tsunami making machine. Even though it might have cost thousands of lives, all I know is that in the end it cost me dearly. I still have bad dreams about what occurred down there.


It all started out on a vacation, but when a tsunami ravages their tropical island, Tracy, Guido, Andy, and Han must do anything they can to survive, and in so doing, discover that this natural disaster isn’t so natural after all.

To unravel the mystery behind these occurrences, they will travel to the deepest parts of the ocean, facing enemies at every turn, both human and non-human, facing some of their deepest fears.


About Aaron K. Redshaw

Aaron's goal for writing is to create believable characters in fantasy or science fiction worlds that do not leave out the element of faith in a personal and loving God. He is an English teacher at a large public high school, the senior co-pastor of New Hope Church in Scotts Valley, CA (newhopesv.org), and a father and husband in a wonderful family which he hopes to someday patent.
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