Hope for the future

I have recently been working again on writing, after a long time of not feeling up to it. Some of my physical issues are better and I’m again motivated to get things down on paper (or the screen). I again have hope that I can get a manuscript done and published.

Yeah me! I even have a plan and loose schedule for doing so.

And all this has got me thinking. You know, hope is a valuable thing. Having hope for my health has sustained me at times but having hope that even if my health goes south I have a savior in heaven that will take me to be with him. That is something no one can take away.

But now that it seems I will be around for awhile, I have been given hope for other things. I am serving in my church in places that can bring God’s hand to others. That is a kind of hope, to be used of God. I teach at a school where sometimes I can have a positive influence on my students. That is hopeful.

And I have continued to write again. I don’t know why for me personally, I get a lot of satisfaction in finishing a project. It can be almost anything. I write lists and I feel a good deal of satisfaction for each item I check off. That can be anything from a shopping list to a writing to-do list. In fact I document every day I write, what day I did it, how much I accomplished, and any notes along the way.

So I have my big hopes and my small hopes. A hope in Jesus for salvation, and to be used by him. And also a hope to do the little things he has put in front of me.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men (Colossians 3:23).