Why so little Christian science fiction?

I am essentially done with my latest book, In Perilous Flight, and you should see it at the start of May atĀ Amazon.com. Now I am in the market for a new book idea, as I want a break before heading to book three of the same series.

What I really want to do is a truly Christian science fiction novel. One where major Christian themes are involved.

I did some searching for Christian science fiction and you know what I found? Very little. It seems there is almost no good Christian science fiction being published on a regular basis. When looking for a list of such books I get stories from either long dead authors or a story here or there where some vaguely Christian idea presents itself.

I am at a loss. As a believer in the God of the Bible, I see no conflict between the God who invented the laws of physics and the universe itself and a story that takes place in that universe, however remote. Indeed, I see no conflict with hard science and the God of creation.

And so I am disappointed that it seems Christians have let a secular world view pretty much dominate science fiction. I want to take that back. Not to mention, I would like to have more Christian science fiction books to choose from when anyone goes looking.