Sometimes silence

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I know it has been awhile since my last post, but sometimes silence it a good thing. It means I have been busy working on the book. In fact, if you subscribed to my newsletter, you would have received a preview of the book just before Christmas, and over Christmas break I have done a lot of writing.

One change I’ve made is the title. What was Stand Among the Stars, has since been changed to In Perilous Flight. This is much more in keeping with the themes and tone of the book. I have also added and improved much of the content. It now stretches over 400 pages long! For me, that is quite an accomplishment. The first book in the series is not much over 200 pages, so this is like writing two books in one.

I am staying with my goal of attempting to publish In Perilous Flight at the end of February. It still seems realistic and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

I hope all of you had a very good Christmas. It has been very fun (and exhausting) for me. Exhausting because our family just moved to a new place. While the bulk of the furniture took only a day to move, the rest of it, including cleaning the old place has stretched out over weeks. So, rather than a relaxing vacation, this has been exhausting.

Having said that, I still enjoyed time with my family and my wife’s relatives. The church where we attend Valley Life Church had a wonderful Christmas Eve service of singing Christmas carols and reading the story of the birth of Jesus. It was very inspiring, and helped us to focus on the one who came for us and became weak so that we could have eternal life.

Well, a lot of excitement on the horizon as I finish this book. Blessing to all!