5th Draft Done & Summer Break Writing

Yesterday I finished by 5th draft of the sequel to The Last Place to Stand. This has been a slow process, but it’s really coming together and is by far the longest book I have written to date. I’ve fixed most of the broken plot issues at this point and am focusing on individual characters, tweaking them for consistency. After that I will do a word analysis and replace overused words, followed by another read-through and that may be it. The good news is the hardest part is over.

The other good news is it’s summer, and that means I will have more time to focus on the book, between vacations of course. If all goes according to plan, this book will be out this fall. It has taken me longer than any other work, but having mostly recovered now from kidney failure, which started about this time last year, to not only getting back to my teaching job, but now writing again feels like a major accomplishment. Life is good, and so is God.

I am excited to get this thing out into the wild, and if you are signed up for my email newsletter expect to get a preview of my new book sometime this summer. Now go out and enjoy the sunshine, and maybe bring a good book along with you.