The Making of Star Wars

I, along with so many others, enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In fact, I watched it twice in the theaters and purchased it on Blu-ray once it became available. So last night I was bored and sat down to watch some of the special features associated with the film (particularly how it was made) and here’s what I found.

The process was overwhelmingly a discover as you go process.

This revelation was encouraging to me because in so many ways this is my process for writing. I write a first draft with at least some help from an outline and some notes. Then I revise it again and again and again, changing character voice, adding motivations, sub-plots, revelations, and personal details. Sometimes the whole theme of the book changes with an important revision.

I am still working on the revisions for book 2 of Space to Stand, and rather than having it out this spring, I hope to have it out in the fall. It is slow going, and some health issues have certainly slowed the process, but I keep plugging away, and eventually it will be published. Anyway, I have so many more stories I can’t wait to get out there!