What I’m Thankful For

Over the years we have had a tradition at Thanksgiving. It’s not very innovative, really, but it is important. At the table, before we eat, each person says what they thank God for. As a believer, this certainly should not be a once a year thing, but at Thanksgiving we share these praises with each other. It’s a community and family building thing.

Most years I say something about my family, I know cliche, but always true. This year, however, I have a different answer. You see, having seen someone from our church pass away recently who knew Jesus, I realized something. She knew exactly where she was going afterwards, and seemed very at peace with the ending of her life. And that has given me a new appreciation for my salvation. It means, among other benefits, that I don’t have to worry about the end of my life, because I know where I am going. I have a destination, already assured, for after this life is over. And that is comforting.

So this year, when someone asks me what I’m thankful for, I’m going to say: I’m thankful that, because of Jesus, I know where I’m going after this life is over.

About Aaron K. Redshaw

Aaron's goal for writing is to create believable characters in fantasy or science fiction worlds that do not leave out the element of faith in a personal and loving God. He is an English teacher at a large public high school, the senior co-pastor of New Hope Church in Scotts Valley, CA (newhopesv.org), and a father and husband in a wonderful family which he hopes to someday patent.
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