Getting ready for revision…again.

I’ll tell you the truth. There are parts of the writing process that I enjoy and parts I wish I could just skip. I often enjoy the first draft of anything. I securely put my internal editor behind bars, and for a month or so, I write the story as it occurs to me. I most enjoy the beginning and the ending of this process.

Then there is revision. I might enjoy the first rereading of the story where I acquaint myself again with the characters and the story and might even be surprised at some of the good things I find. But I inevitably find that the language is also repetitive, the characters lack depth or backstory, or the dialogue is shallow. That’s why I’m revising in the first place, right? Because a first draft if anything is going to be an ugly business.

It is the second through the fourth revision that is the most painful. During those times I am making major adjustments. I fix story arcs, and reshape characters. I see the flaws in all their splendor and I do the hard work of making large story-wide decisions. This part feels like work, and it’s slow going.

When I get to the fourth or fifth draft I realize that this story I’ve created is something worth telling, something worth reading. And that’s when it gets good again. Then the last couple of drafts again, where I am mostly looking for mistakes and repetitive language is painful again because I have carried this child for months and just want to give birth to the kid and get it over with.

Well, here I am at the start of the second revision and I feel morning sickness upon me. Let’s get to work.