The Things We Do To Write

Yesterday I downloaded two items essential for my writing. One was SimCity, a simulation game where I build up a city. The second was a book called Sweet Valley High (Book 1). Why would you do that, you ask?

In The Last Place to Stand (Book 2), whose title is still to be decided, I need to come up with realistic ways a spaceship would run. I have a small society living on the ship and I wanted to consider aspects I might have forgotten. Like how do they distribute or barter items they might need? What is their system of money? What utilities should I discuss in the book? SimCity helps me itemize what would be needed in a small self-sustaining community. These are the things I would have never thought of if I had not tried such a game.

Sweet Valley High is for another book. Even after releasing Danger Under Ocean’s Tides, I realized there are aspects about Tracy I did not give enough attention. I needed to think like a young girl. Something, I’m afraid does not come very naturally. My wife suggested this series to brush up on being a girl. Besides having an identity crisis, I hope it will help me do one last revision of the book and make it even better than it is.

So there you have it! The things I won’t do to lend my books more realism.

About Aaron K. Redshaw

Aaron's goal for writing is to create believable characters in fantasy or science fiction worlds that do not leave out the element of faith in a personal and loving God. He is an English teacher at a large public high school, the senior co-pastor of New Hope Church in Scotts Valley, CA (, and a father and husband in a wonderful family which he hopes to someday patent.
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